Type: Hybrid Mandarins

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Fruit is large and flattened. The area around the style has a small navel and a characteristic aureole. Consistent rind that is difficult to peel.

Essential oils released upon peeling. Tender and juicy pulp that is orange in colour. Seeds are present when pollination occurs.

Late to ripen (March); no significant fruit-drop. Responds well to cold storage and travels well. Vulnerable to splitting. Fruit-drop may occur in low temperatures, especially when Citrange rootstocks are used.

Tang Gold

This variety is very productive, easy to peel tendence forward defoliation, especially when Citrange rootstocks are used.

Hybrid originating from a Murcott seed in Morocco. Good quality fruit with a high

sugar content and also a very balanced acid content.

The fruit is sensitive to bufat and if harvesting is greatly delayed, the bark of the fruit discolors.