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Quality, Food Safety and Labor Welfare

Exportadora de Agris de Alcanar SCCL, through its Managing Director, and with the support of the entire Rector Council, is committed to managing the entity’s work to supply our products with the highest possible quality, in accordance with specific requirements, of our customer, as well as in guaranteeing their safety and legality.

Likewise, the Export Entity of Agris de Alcanar SCCL, to comply with its quality, food safety and labor welfare policies, undertakes to:

  • Always satisfy our customers’ requirements.
  • Invest in resources so that legal requirements, authenticity, safety and quality are fulfilled at all times.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the activity and respect for the environment.
  • Guarantee labor welfare with full respect for workers, avoiding any type of racial, religious discrimination, or for any other reason, also avoiding workplace bullying.
  • Assure our customers the manufacture of safe, legal and authentic products.
  • Ethically evaluate our suppliers.