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(Type: Clementine)

It is round and slightly flattened, with a very attractive reddish-orange rind that is relatively soft in consistency and easy to peel. Sugar and acid contents are relatively balanced, making the taste very pleasant. The carpel membranes in the segments are quite leathery, making the residual taste similar to that of the Oronules variety.


(Type: Clementine)

Fruit thickness superior to Oronules and more uniform, of a very attractive vivid reddish orange colour. Tender pulp with a large quantity of pleasant juice. Consistent rind that is easy to peel. Vulnerable to heatstroke and pitting when overripe.


(Type: Clementine)

Fruit is medium in size. Fine skin. Somewhat flattened in form. Pulp of very high quality. Practically seedless.


(Type: Clementine)

It is a very productive variety and whose sugar levels are usually somewhat low.


(Type: Clementine)

The variety is highly productive with fruit of a good size that quickly enters into production.


(Type: Clementine)

Large and somewhat flattened fruit. Vivid orange rind. Juicy pulp of high quality. Easy to peel and practically seedless.


(Type: Clementine)

The fruit is medium in size and slightly flat. Vivid orange rind that is fine and easy to peel. Juicy pulp of high quality. Practically seedless when pollination does not occur.

Tang Gold

(Type: Hybrid Mandarins)

This variety is very productive, easy to peel tendence forward defoliation, especially when Citrange rootstocks are used.


(Type: Triploid Hybrid)

Thickness between 55 and 60mm, with a flattened form and convex area around the peduncle. Attractive fruit that is easy to peel, with a melting texture and no segment residue. Seedless


(Type: Hybrid Mandarins)

Fruit is large and flattened. The area around the style has a small navel and a characteristic aureole. Consistent rind that is difficult to peel.


(Type: Navel)

Just like the rest of the varieties in the Navel group, the fruit has a navel, although it is not particularly prominent. The fruit is large and round or slightly oval in shape and does not have seeds. The pulp is very juicy and the peel has a vivid orange colour.

Valencia Late

(Type: White)

The fruit is large in size with a rounded shape. It has very few seeds and its juice in addition to being abundant contains very little limonin. It is as suitable for fresh consumption as it is for industry.


(Type: Navel)

Fruit is flat and oval, orange in colour without an aureole but always with a naval. The fruit is seedless and is of high quality.

Lane Late

(Type: Navel)

Fruit is of similar size as the Newhall variety and has a navel. Pleasant, sweet taste; unlike other varieties, does not taste “off” when consumed at the end of the ripening period. Low limonin content.


(Type: Navel)

Navel hardly visible on the outside.