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Functions to develop

Selection of fruit in the different places of triage of the warehouse (rotten, main triage, disco and final triage).
Packaging of fruit in different confections and with possible simultaneous triad; boxed, bulk, bags, etc.
Management of operation of automatic packing machines, weighers and seamers.
Cleaning of different work areas and equipment of the warehouse according to the instructions.
Assembly of folding and reusable boxes.
Feeding of aerial distribution system of containers.

Training required

No prior and external is required.
Training of incorporation to the work and hygienic manipulation of the product, given by the entity itself simultaneously at the beginning of the work.

Minimum knowledge required

Understand and speak Catalan or Spanish to understand work instructions.

Experience required

It is not essential, but it will be positively valued to have developed this work in other citrus handling warehouses.