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The varieties we work allow us to offer our customers fruit almost continuously since the beginning of the campaign in October with early clementines until August with the late oranges.


At the beginning in October we work the varieties Marisol, Oronules, Clemenrubí, Clemenpons, Loretina and Mioro, retarding their marketing to middle November.

Our variety star is the Clemenules in terms of quality and quantity. The climatic conditions allow us to work with this variety from the End of October until the beginning of February with organoleptical conditions and exceptional skin.


At the end of the Clemenules we start with the variety Hernandina, which is very popular in the market, continuing from late February with the ortanique.

As for the oranges, working with the Navelina during the months of November, December and January. The Navelate, Unique for its taste, is for the month of February, continuing the Lanelate, Who began collecting in February, can be extended until late April. Finally, the VALENCIALATE, Highly resistant orange collected between April and June, can extend their marketing until late August or early September.