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The Exportadora d´Agris d´Alcanar SCCL is for our partners a company which although the difficulties in the sector, presents a great economical health and good expectations for the future. The Management works with the desire to get to place the institution among the best companies of export of citrus fruits. It is therefore necessary to have the best possible facilities to work the best fruit.

Since its foundation in 1965 until the year 2001 the work was carried out in the farmers instalations of the town. The growth of production and the need to enhance the quality forced us to build the actual central in 2002.

Because of the increasing needs of our customers, since  2002, 2 extensions had been made. The first one in 2004, increasing machinery and cooling capacity. The second, in 2006, an increase of production line and machinery. Currently arrangements are being made to authorize a third extension.

At the present day, the  Exportadora d'Agris d'Alcanar SCCL has two production lines with electronical calipers. The last renovation of the facility has been done in summer of 2008. Now we  have a modern and functional facility to satisfy our customers in terms of availability, quantity and quality.