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The beginnings of the institution go  back to the '50s, when it was used as oil stock. The partners brought their production of olives to the store, where it was stored for its marketing and distribution. Then in the 60´s each farmer of Alcanar started with the cultivation of citrus fruits, and the ever increasing production, brought  the need to start with their own production  and marketing of clementines and oranges. In 1963 opened the first installations of the principal Alcanar Citrus industry. As the years passed the citrus growing area had to become larger. In the 90 s, the situation had been unsustainable.

The cooperative had become too small, and needed a big change to continue with the projection of the entity. Therefore, a large hall was built in a new land and the work of the entity had been moved. These new facilities were inaugurated in October 2004.


Fachada principal

In successive seasons  new machines have been incorporated, and new machines and improvements on the production line, had be done, just to respond in the best way to the market demands and growing production from our partners. In the  season 2008/2009, the store was completely restructurated, with the  installation of  2 complete production lines with electronic calipers, to obtain a better ability of work: in quantity and quality.