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  Composition per 100 gr /Unit
  calories 36,6
  carbohydrate (g) 8,9
  dietary fibre (g) 2,3
  potassium(mg) 200
  magnesium (mg) 15,2
  calzium (mg) 41
  vitamin C (mg) 50,6
  folic acid (mcg) 38,7
  beta-caroten (provitamin A) (mcg) 49
mcg = microgramos


The Oranges have a lot of propieties like vitamins and minerals. The high composition of water and propieties of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and calcium makes that the oranges are very healthy.The calcium can´t be absorbed from our organism, the vitamin C  facilitate the absoption. Furthermore they have also minerals like folic acid which potentiate the vitamin C. The quantity of dietary fibre is especially represented in the white part and the pulp of the fruit, which is important  for a good functioning of our bowel. 

The vitamin C  is necessary for the collagen, bones and teeth, and for the prevention of infections. The provitamin A, or also called, beta-caroten is transformed in vitamin A in our organism depending on the need of this. This vitamin is also important for our vision, skin, hair, mucous membrane, bones and for the good functioning of our immune system. The potassium is a mineral necessary for the generation and transmission of the nervous system.